Foundation × Highlight FAQs

Highlight is partnering with Foundation to bring generative art to Worlds!

On Foundation, generative artists can partner with curators to access the relationships, audiences, and exposure needed to elevate their profiles, prove authenticity, and boost the value of artwork over time.

What collection types will be available to import on Foundation?

At this time, only generative series meeting the following criteria can be imported:

  • Limited generative series (fixed price and Dutch auction sale type): These collections contain a finite number of tokens.

  • Open generative series (fixed price sale type only): Collectors can mint infinite tokens from these collections.

What’s the difference between Fixed price and Dutch auction sale types?

Fixed price:

The price is set at the beginning of the project and remains the same for the entire project. Creators choose a fixed price, and collectors pay that fixed price for each NFT minted from the generative series.

Dutch auction:

The Dutch auction on Highlight establishes a decreasing price schedule, starting at the highest set price and decrementing at a fixed rate until reaching the minimum price. On Foundation, visual notches indicate upcoming price drops. Hovering shows the subsection price and remaining time before that price becomes active. The widget displays the current price, final price, and related timers.

Collectors can mint at the opening high price or wait for it to fall to the floor price. If the final price is below their mint price, early minters can claim a rebate after the sale ends.

How do I collect from a generative series on Worlds?

To collect from a generative series, you’ll need to connect your wallet to the Highlight embed and click the mint button.

How does minting a generative token work?

When minting a token from a generative collection, data from the blockchain will be passed to the artist’s code, resulting in an unique piece of art.

Pressing "Randomize" displays additional potential outputs from this generative collection.

Note: The preview images shown before minting do not reflect the exact NFT you mint.

Why are my mints taking a while to appear on Foundation?

After a collector mints, it can take a few minutes to appear on the collection page.

When new NFTs are minted on Foundation, a placeholder noting the number syncing will display in the grid while indexing occurs in the background. Once finished, the placeholder is replaced by the newly minted NFTs. The NFTs then show in Activity upon on-chain confirmation.

How do I import a generative series on Foundation?

Learn how to import a generative series here.

Can I import a generative series to Foundation without adding it to a world?

Generative series can only be imported into a world at this time.

Can I import a generative series that already has mints on Highlight?


Can I import a sold-out or ended generative series?


There’s a bug in my generative series code. What do I do?

Highlight cannot fix bugs in a user's code once they've been deployed and minted. Please test your code thoroughly prior to deploying to mainnet.

Does Foundation Support HTML?

Highlight uses HTML assets in the animationURL metadata field, which Foundation does not currently support. However, if you have generated animated images, Foundation will surface a snapshot PNG image for the NFT cards of the generative series. Foundation shows the actual HTML animation on the mint page itself.

Can I edit my Dutch auction prices?

Yes, if your Dutch Auction is scheduled, you can edit the Dutch Auction pricing on the token management page.

Will Foundation honor my royalties set on Highlight?

If tokens from your generative series are sold on Foundation’s secondary market, the royalty percentage will default to 10%.

Will Foundation honor my gating on Highlight?

No. Currently, Foundation does not support gating or allowlists at the moment. Direct minting must be enabled to import a generative series on Foundation. Creators will not be able to add a gate without direct minting enabled.

What are Foundation and Highlight’s fees for importing a Series?

Highlight does not charge a fee to use its creator tools and only charges a $1 USD fee per mint to collectors.

Importing a Series to Foundation will only require you to pay the gas fee. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Note that the only fees that occur on Foundation are the curator fees from when a generative series is minted from through a world.

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