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Testing and deploying

See below for instructions on how to test your generative series before deploying your collection to the mainnet. For the most up-to-date instructions on creating your generative collection, please refer to our Github Repository.

What is a testnet?

Testnets are blockchains that replicate the main Ethereum network's behavior and features, enabling users to test their projects inexpensively and without the need for actual ether.
We recommend artists and creators to deploy collections to the testnet first to ensure a thorough preview of their work before launching on mainnet.

Deploying to testnet

To deploy your collection on a testnet, initiate the collection creation flow as usual. Select the type of collection you'd like to create:
Then, on the "Series detail" or "Collection detail" tab, you'll see the ability to toggle not only between blockchains but also between networks.
Under the network tab, select the testnet option. This will be Goerli for Ethereum and respective L2s or Mumbai for Polygon.

Testing on Goerli

Goerli is one of the most commonly used testnets. Marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, and others have testing environments that support Goerli, providing users with the opportunity to preview their NFTs on each platform before deploying them to the mainnet.
Deploying contracts and minting tokens on Goerli requires Goerli ether. Below are a few public Goerli faucets:

Previewing your collection on testnet

When reviewing your testnet collection, you'll want to make sure it appears as you'd want it when you launch it live. Below are a couple of best practices when testing:
  • Test tokens: mint a couple of tokens to make sure they reveal and appear as you'd like. Be sure to take a look at the browse page for series and generative collections as well as on marketplaces like OpenSea.
  • Capture preview image: check to see that the captured preview image looks as expected
  • Data inputs: make sure these function properly as they should. For instance, if you've used batch minting in your collection, test to make sure that minting multiple tokens at a time actually produces the intended results!
If you encounter difficulties or are unsure why something isn't working, send us an email at [email protected].