Accepting credit card payments

Learn how to enable credit card payments for your collections

Collections deployed on Highlight are eligible to accept credit card payments via Crossmint. Follow instructions below to register and verify.

Note that the following collections are ineligible for credit card payments:

  • Collections with gates

  • Collector's choice mint (for Series collections)

  • Any type of collection sold via auction

Step one: deploy collection on Highlight

Deploy a collection on Highlight using our tools dashboard. Credit card integration via Crossmint is currently available only for generative and series collection types.

For collections deployed on testnets, the Crossmint integration can be tested on the respective staging site. Please keep testnet prices to less than 0.01 ETH as testnet currency is limited. No verification is required in the staging console.

Step two: copy contract address

Once the collection is deployed, head to the collection management page. From there, copy the contract address.

Step three: register collection on Crossmint

Head to the Crossmint console.

Login or signup to create an account.

Once you’ve signed in, go to the “Collections” tab. Click on “New collection” to create a new collection on Crossmint.

Enter your collection name and description. Then, upload your collection’s cover image. You can also enter your Website, Twitter, and Discord if you wish to do so. Click on “Next” to proceed.

On the next page, select “Import an existing contract”. Then select the chain your project is on, and then “Highlight” as the Contract Provider.

Click on “Next”.

From there, enter the contract address.

Click on “Next”.

Review the details that you entered and click on “Register Collection”.

Step four: verify project owner and collection on Crossmint

Once your collection has been registered, you will have to verify both the project owner and the collection on Crossmint.

You will be required to complete a Persona verification. This requires submitting a selfie and a photo of your government-issued ID.

This step will take roughly 48 hours so be sure to plan accordingly.

After verifying the project owner, Crossmint will ask you to submit additional information about your project. Their compliance will review to ensure that your collection is within the boundaries of U.S regulatory standards and compliant with Crossmint's content policy.

Step five: register collection on Highlight

Once verified on Crossmint, copy the collection ID from the Crossmint page. Then, head to the collection you want to enable credit card payment for, and select "Edit" under "Enable credit card payment".

Flip the toggle for credit card payments and paste the collection ID from Crossmint into your token management page on Highlight.

That’s it, credit card payment is now enabled for your collection. Email us at if you run into any issues.

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