Downloading token metadata

For detailed instructions on how to download metadata and image previews from collection on Highlight, our Github repository.


Highlight CLI is a powerful tool for creators and collectors to easily download token metadata and previews from your favorite collections

This tool currently offers two primary functions: downloading metadata and downloading images of all tokens in a collection.

Using Highlight CLI

Installing Highlight CLI

Before you get started, ensure that you have Node.js, NPM, and Yarn installed on your machine. If not, install them as prerequisites. Next, clone the Highlight repository here., which should already be familiar if you've followed their generative on-chain tools tutorial.

Downloading token metadata

To download all token metadata into a single CSV file, use the "download collection metadata" command. You'll need to provide three essential arguments: the address of the smart contract of your collection, the network it's on, and the path to the output CSV file. The tool will fetch the metadata and save it into a CSV, which makes it easy to inspect and analyze your collection.

The generated CSV file contains information about each token in your collection, including token ID, name, traits, images, animations, descriptions, and external URLs. You may need to expand column sizes, especially for lengthy descriptions and trait names.

Note: for larger collections, the CLI has built-in redundancy to handle potential issues during the download. It will automatically retry fetching failed tokens, ensuring a comprehensive dataset. You can also fine-tune the redundancy levels based on your preferences.

Downloading token preview images

The "download collection previews" command lets you download all token previews to a local folder. This command also requires the collection's smart contract address, network, and the destination folder name. If you've already downloaded the metadata CSV, you can specify its path to avoid redundant work.

This command is intensive and can be time-consuming, especially for larger collections. However, you can stop and resume the process at any time. The tool will skip already downloaded images, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

Once the process is complete, you'll have a local folder with all the token previews, making it convenient to view and share your collection.

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