Edition flow

Learn about creating with the Edition flow on Highlight

The Edition flow lets you easily launch open editions, limited editions, and 1-of-1s.

Drop an edition

To launch an edition, head over to Highlight. Select "Create" in the upper left hand side and select the Edition flow from the "Create a collection" dropdown. The Edition flow is extremely simple, with just a single page of configuration.

Configuring an edition

  1. Upload your artwork in one of the following supported formats:

    • Image: PNG, JPG, GIF, WEBP

    • Video: MP4

    • Audio: MP3

  2. Select the blockchain you want to launch on.

  3. Input your collection name and description.

    • Note that for the collection description, Highlight has markdown support. This means you can format text with headings, bold text, links, and more. Check out this page for additional details on how you can format text.

  4. Select your sale type.

    • Open editions can be set to free (in which case you'll earn half of Highlight's mint fees on each sale, see Protocol rewards for more details), you can charge a fixed price, or you can select a Dutch auction.

  5. Enter the mint start and end date. This can updated after deploying a collection as well.

  6. Under advanced options, you'll have the ability to add traits, name your contract, toggle for transferability, insert custom payout addresses, limit mints per wallets, and apply allowlists.

Once done, review your collection settings and deploy! You'll need to approve a transaction and pay a small gas fee to deploy your collection. Once approved, wait for your transaction to complete. You can check the transaction status in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Managing NFT distribution

Once deployed, you can share, embed, or manage the mint from the collection management page.

You can control the start and stop time of the mint, as well as other characteristics, such as whether credit card payment is enabled and how many mints are allowed per wallet.

For additional details on selling your NFTs on Highlight, check out the Selling your NFTs section.

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