Accepting ERC20 payments

Accepting ERC20 payments

Please note that we currently only support fixed-price mints using ERC20s and do not have auction support.

  1. Select your preferred collection type from the โ€œCreate a collectionโ€ drop-down. Specific details on each collection type can be found at Learn the creation flows.

  2. On the appropriate page (which may be different depending on the creation flow selected), select Base chain if you'd like to accept DEGEN and HIGHER, or Zora if you'd like to accept ENJOY.

  3. Then find the "Mint fee currency" dropdown to select from available ERC20 options.

From there, you can review and deploy your collection as usual.

Switching currencies

If you've deployed your collection on Base or Zora, you can switch back and forth between Base ETH, DEGEN, and HIGHER, even after you've deployed your collection. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Highlight dashboard and select the applicable collection.

  2. Click "Edit sale".

  3. Select your preferred currency and then hit โ€œSave changesโ€. This will require a transaction.

  4. Once the transaction has gone through, your collection will be updated in the proper currency

Setting up payment in ETH and ERC20

To set up a project that accepts payment in both ETH and ERC20, follow the steps below:

  1. Deploy your collection to Base mainnet, accepting ETH.

  2. Set up a gate from your tools dashboard with the condition that a collector holds a minimum amount of the specific ERC20 in their wallet.

    • For DEGEN, the address is: 0x4ed4E862860beD51a9570b96d89aF5E1B0Efefed

    • For HIGHER, the address is: 0x0578d8A44db98B23BF096A382e016e29a5Ce0ffe

    • For ENJOY, the address is: 0xa6b280b42cb0b7c4a4f789ec6ccc3a7609a1bc39

    • More information on setting up gates can be found here.

  3. Go to the collection management page and select "New sale".

  4. Set up a new sale and choose the relevant ERC20 currency as the payment method. Keep the price lower than that of the ETH sale.

  5. Save your changes, and once the transaction is confirmed, your sale is set up! Your project now accepts payment in both ETH and ERC20.

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