Available sale methods

All Highlight collection types can be released for free or sold for a fixed price. On free collections, our creator rewards program lets artists earn a share of the mint fee from their collectors. Learn more about creator rewards here. Beyond free and fixed price sales, Highlight also supports 3 different kinds of auctions.

Auctions on Highlight

Highlight offers creators the ability to auction off their artwork. We currently support a few different auction methods:

  • Ranked auctions allow you to set a fixed supply (say, 100 items) and let many collectors bid. The top 100 bidders would each win a work, and the losing bidders would get a refund.

  • Dutch auctions start the bidding from the highest set value and will decrease at a predetermined pace until it reaches the specified lowest sale price. Collectors bidding earlier will pay a higher price, but ensure they get a piece.

  • English auctions start the bidding at a reserve price that you set, and subsequent bidders can offer more. At the end of a fixed time period, the piece goes to the winning bidder.

Learn more about different auction types and how to set them up in the following sections.

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