Highlight fees

Highlight mint fee

Highlight charges a small mint fee of .0008 ETH (~$2.80 USD at the time of this writing) to collectors who mint an NFT created using Highlight. Please note that in certain cases, we split this fee with creators via creator rewards. See Creator rewards for more details.

Highlight's mint fees are as follows:

  • 0.0008 ETH per NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain

  • 2.265 MATIC per NFT minted on the Polygon blockchain

  • 0.0008 ETH per NFT minted on Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, Polygon

  • ERC20 minting fees are equivalent to 0.0008 ETH in USD terms

This fee is displayed clearly to collectors on the mint page before confirmation of the mint.

Note: no mint fees are applied to auction bids.

Auction fees

Highlight charges a 5% fee on the final sale price for all English and Ranked auctions.

Are there creation fees?

No. Highlight does not charge any fees for you to deploy your collection. However, you are responsible for the Gas Fee required to deploy the collection.

Does Highlight take a cut of primary or secondary sales?

No. Highlight does not take a cut of primary or secondary sales.

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