๐Ÿ‘‹Intro to creating with Highlight

A high-level overview of how to get started creating NFTs on Highlight

Simple creation flows for any kind of NFT project

Highlight makes launching virtually any kind of NFT project simple, painless and free. Creators can use one of our simple creation flows to set up and deploy a project in minutes. These flows support the creation of projects ranging in complexity from the super simple (like a free, open edition with a single JPEG artwork) to the extremely complex (like a fully onchain project whose artwork is composed of tiny images of other NFT artworkโ€”a real project launched on Highlight called Bit Rot that weโ€™ll explain further along).

Highlight is also the premiere place to launch generative artwork, which have special requirements that are uniquely supported by our platform. This includes functionality like dynamically taking snapshots of generated artwork and metadata post-mint. This kind of infrastructure is difficult and costly to create yourself.

All the configuration options you'll ever need

These flows are simple, step-by-step walkthroughs that let you easily select from a variety of different options to customize your project.

  • Uploading any kind of artwork, whether itโ€™s a single image, a series of videos, GIFs, music files, dynamic generative art codeโ€”virtually any file type will work.

  • Set basic details like the collection name and description, desired launch date and time frame, and any relevant traits.

  • Select a blockchain. See the full list of supported chains here.

  • Choose a sale type (or combine several). Options include Dutch auctions, English auctions, ranked auctions, fixed price sales, free, etc. These sale types can be combined in creative ways.

  • Choose purchase requirements and allowlists. This allows you to specify who can buy your project, e.g. by adding an allowlist or specifying holders of specific tokens.

  • Set royalty settings. Setting these will set your desired royalty amount on secondary sales across all marketplaces respecting royalties.

Contracts owned by you

Under the hood, each of these flows produces a modular, flexible set of smart contracts that are completely configurable, platform-independent, and entirely artist-owned.

Free to use

Launching a project on Highlight is completely free and only requires the gas costs of deploying your collection. Highlight simply charges a small mint fee to collectors on each transaction. See Highlight fees for more information.

  • Get some inspiration and see what kinds of projects can be launched on Highlight by reviewing Project quick start guides

  • For a closer look at the creation flows and all the available options, take a look at Learn the creation flows

  • To learn about all the available sales options, including the various auction types, review Selling your NFTs

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