Combining sale methods

Learn how to use multiple strategies to sell your NFTs, all at once

Highlight supports combining multiple different sale types at once. This allows you to do things like enable a public sale for a fixed price, and enable an allowlist-only sale with a discount only for members of your community. You can combine any number of sales together.

How to add additional sale methods

To add new sales to your project, first head to the management page of the collection and press the "New sale" button.

Next, enter the details for the type of sale you wish to set up. This includes information like the sale method, whether it should be public or private (i.e. limited to those on an allowslist), and the price. The following is a brief guide to each option:

  • Gating: private sales are gated. Add or create a new gate for the sale

  • Sale name: name the sale, this will be viewable to collectors

  • Note: leave a note for collectors. This is optional

  • Token supply: supply available for this sale segment. The amount of wallets eligible for a private sale can exceed the token supply.

  • Price: this can be set at any amount

  • Start and end date: this can be concurrent with other sales or run separately

  • Mints per wallet: limits the amount of tokens a collector can mint. If a collector is eligible for more than one private sale, they'll be able to mint the allotted mints per wallet for both

Sale method hierarchies

Sales can become intricate with multiple public and private sales, as well as different start and end times. Sometimes collectors will qualify for various different methods. The hierarchy for determining what a collector will ultimately be presented on the mint page is as follows:

If a collector isn't signed in...

  • If here is a public mint, they will see the public mint details

  • If there isn't a public mint, they will see the gated mint details

If a collector is signed in...

  • If they qualify for one or more private sales, they will see sales ranked by the cheapest mints where they haven't exceeded the mint limit, and then alphabetically

  • If they do not qualify for a private sale, they will see the public sale option, if available

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