Fulfilling auctions for non-transferable tokens

If a collection sold via auction is configured as non-transferable (i.e. "soul bound"), you will need to temporarily reenable transferability fulfill the auction. After completing the auction process, you can then revert back to the non-transferable state. To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Copy the contract address and head to the applicable blockchain explorer (e.g. Etherscan). The contract address can be found on the token management page.

  2. On the blockchain explorer, select the "Contract" tab. To update the transferability of tokens, we'll be using the "Write as proxy" tab.

  3. Prior to writing to the contract, you will first have to verify that the contract is a proxy. Do so by going to the "Contract" tab and selecting "code". Then select the dropdown arrow for more options, and hit "Is this a proxy?".

  4. On this page, select "Contract" tab. Then select โ€œWrite as proxyโ€ and connect to web3 with the address that deployed the contract.

  5. Go to field 14, "removeGranularTokenManagers" on the contract. Enter the following argument for the _ids field: [0]

  6. Hit "write" to submit the transaction. Sign the transaction and wait for the transaction to complete. Doing so will make the collection transferable.

After the transaction has been confirmed, you will be able to fulfill the auction. This means auction winners can claim the tokens and you will be able to withdraw funds from escrow.

When the auction has been fulfilled, you can make the collection non-transferable again. Instructions below:

  1. Head to the same contract page on the applicable blockchain explorer.

  2. Select the "Contract" tab and then "Write as Proxy".

  3. Connect your wallet.

  4. This time, go to field 25, "setGranularTokenManagers"

  5. Enter the following arguments: _ids: [0] For _tokenManagers, you'll input the address of the NonTransferableTokenManager in brackets. You'll need to select the applicable address which can be found on this page here. As an example, if you're collection is on Base, you would enter: [0x0266115EBa50E6EE69C067C0D6c5d542E9b40Bd5]

  6. Hit "write" to submit the transaction.

The collection will now be non-transferable again!

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