Mint Managers

Mint managers can be applied to your contracts to govern how your tokens can be minted. By default, Highlight’s mint manager is initially registered as a minter on all collections launched on Highlight. This default MintManager applies a .0008 ETH fee to all mints, and enables the mint page on Highlight to function properly. It also processes all the logic required to successfully mint an NFT on Highlight, have the token previews rendered correctly, the data snapshotted properly, etc.

In rare circumstances, you may want to set your own mint manager (to avoid the Highlight fee and write your own minting UI, for example), but note that if you set your own mint manager, this will disable the mint page functionality on Highlight, and essential features like preview snapshots and metadata rendering, so you’ll have to design your own mint system.

More likely, you'll want to customize the format and nature of your own NFT sale, and the best way to do that is by writing a custom mint mechanic.

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