Launch an onchain project

Launch an onchain generative artwork using an onchain SVG renderer

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What is it?

Nahiko devised a strategy of building an entire set of currency artworks, built out of tiny images pulled from other NFT projects and used as pixels in the overall artwork. This way, as various NFT projects became unavailable, those currency artworks would "rot", showing missing pixels as they died out.

To accomplish this, Nahiko used our generative creation flow, but changed out the metadata to point to his own onchain smart contract.

How to do it?

  • Code your own smart contract art renderer and deploy it onchain

  • Deploy a standard generative contract on Highlight

  • Point your Highlight contract at your custom renderer, then configure your sale settings as usual

  • Point your renderer at the Highlight contract

  • For more details on how to launch and configure an onchain project, see Custom metadata renderers

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