Sponsored mints

Sponsored mints are currently not available for collections on Ethereum mainnet. They are only available for random fixed price and free public sales.

Sponsored mints allow anyone to prepay for a set number of tokens from your collection. When a mint is sponsored, a collector can claim a token for free, with no mint or gas fees.

Each wallet is limited to one claim per collection.

How do I sponsor a mint?

Sponsoring a mint includes covering the mint cost, gas fees, and the Highlight mint fee. To account for gas price fluctuations, you'll pay the following amount for gas fee per sponsored mint:

  • Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, Zora: 0.0001 ETH

  • Polygon: 0.2 MATIC

To sponsor a mint, head to the project page. If the sponsored mints feature is enabled, click the button to specify and confirm the amount.

Finalize the transaction in your wallet to complete sponsorship.

How do I claim a sponsored mint?

Please note sponsored mints cannot be claimed from Frames on Farcaster.

If sponsored mints are available, collectors can claim one by pressing the "Claim" button on the mint card.

How do I enable sponsored mints on my collection?

Sponsored mints can be enabled in the creation flow.

For generative and series collections, it can be toggled on in the "Mint details" or "Price and distribution" section, respectively.

For edition collections, it can be toggled on under the advanced option settings.

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