Setting up gates (allowlists)

Learn how to create gates (allowlists) on Highlight

Gates dashboard here.

Allowlists are a versatile way to control mint access to specific collectors. Highlight allows for ultimate flexibility using gates.

When configuring new sale methods, you can select between "Public" and "Private" mints. Public sales are precisely as they soundโ€”sales open to the general public. Private sales, on the other hand, are allowlisted (or gated) drops.

On Highlight you can easily create gates that involve any of the criteria (and any combination of those criteria) shown below:

Creating new gates by adding new sale methods

The most common way to create gates will be during the creation flow, or when adding new sale methods. In both cases, you can select from previously-created gates, or add new ones.

Creating new gates from the "Gates" page

You can also create new gates whenever you like by visiting the Gates section of your dashboard

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