Payouts, royalties & splits

Learn how royalties work on Highlight

Contracts deployed on Highlight allow you to set both primary sale and royalty addresses to configure who gets paid.

How to set primary and royalty wallet addresses

On each creation flow, there are a few options for configuring payments. You'll want to navigate to the "Primary sales payout address" and "Royalty payout address" sections.

In these fields, add the address for primary and royalty sales recipients. You can also specify a specific royalty percentage you'd like to receive on each secondary sale, though keep in mind that not all marketplaces will honor those amounts.

Splitting payments among multiple wallets

Splitting payments among multiple wallets is easy with 0xSplits. 0xSplits allows you to configure and deploy a new "split" with various address recipients and defined percentage shares. When you're done, simply paste in the address of the split, and funds will be delivered into the splits contract as they're received.

Note: 0xSplits currently supports all chains currently available on Highlight: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, Polygon, Optimism, Zora.

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