Gates 101

What is a gate?

Gating refers to token gating and is synonymous to allowlists. Highlight provides simple and nuanced gating tools that can be tailored to specific projects.

Gating on Highlight

Highlight allows for flexible gating on the "Gates" dropdown of the dashboard. Toggle from "Collections" to "Gates" to get started.

Gate conditions

Highlight offers complex gating options for those who want. Artists and creators can gate by the following:

  • Collector is on an allowlist of wallet addresses

  • Collector holds any token from a collection (e.g., anyone who owns a Fidenza)

  • Collector holds a token with a specific attribute (e.g., anyone who owns a Fidenza with the black color palette)

  • Collector holds a specific token from a collection (e.g., the specific wallet that owns Fidenza #986)

  • Collector holds a specified amount of ETH, MATIC, or ERC20 in their wallet

You can create a gate with a single condition or combine multiple together.

Condition deep dive

Collector holds a specific token

Creators can choose to create gates based on a specific NFT. All that's needed is a contract address or the OpenSea collection URL and the token ID.

You can find contract addresses on Etherscan or Polygonscan. OpenSea collection URLs will follow the format here: For instance, to gate by Sum by Duane King, the collection URL would be as follows:

Once you've specified the specific contract or OpenSea URL, you can select the token you'd want to gate on by selecting the token ID or the appropriate image.

Collector owns any token from a collection

Gating based on tokens from a collection follows a similar path as gating by a specific token. The main difference is that once a contract address or URL is input, any token in the collection will unlock the gate (vs. a specific token).

Collector holds a specified amount of ETH, MATIC, or ERC20

Highlight also allows for gating based on the amount of Ether, Matic, or other ERC20 token a collector has in their wallet.

Collector is on an allowlist

You can create allowlists on Highlight via gates. Select the condition "Is on an allowlist of wallet addresses".

Paste wallet addresses in a comma-separated format into the text box.

Creating a token gated NFT drop

1. Create a collection from your tools dashboard on Highlight. Check out this article here for more about NFT creation on Highlight.

2. Create a gate or select an existing gate for your collection.

3. Only holders of the specified token gate can access the mint.

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