Dynamic sales

Highlight’s tooling enables artists and creators to launch sales in various ways. Our tools can facilitate both private allowlisted sales and public sales, either simultaneously or at different times.

Public and private sales

Public sales are precisely as they sound—sales open to the general public.

Private sales, on the other hand, are allowlisted or gated drops. This can involve criteria such as wallet address, NFT ownership, holding ERC-20 tokens, etc. (for more details on our gating abilities, refer to this article).

To set up a public or private sale, head to the management page of the collection you’d like to set up a sale for.

The highlighted modal above enables you to add both public and private sales. Choose 'New Sale' to create a new sale.

Enter the details for the type of sale you wish to set up. When adding a sale, you can choose between public or private. In this article, we'll go through the fields involved in adding a private sale:

  • Gating: private sales are gated. Add or create a new gate for the sale

  • Sale name: name the sale, this will be viewable to collectors

  • Note: leave a note for collectors. This is optional

  • Token supply: supply available for this sale segment. The amount of wallets eligible for a private sale can exceed the token supply.

  • Price: this can be set at any amount

  • Start and end date: this can be concurrent with other sales or run separately

  • Mints per wallet: limits the amount of tokens a collector can mint. If a collector is eligible for more than one private sale, they'll be able to mint the allotted mints per wallet for both

Minting hierarchy

Sales can become intricate with multiple public and private sales, as well as different start and end times. The hierarchy for determining what a collector sees is as follows:

  • If a collector isn’t signed in, they will see a public mint or gated mint if there is no public mint

  • If a collector is signed in and qualifies for one or more private sales, they will see sales ranked by the cheapest mints where they haven't exceeded the mint limit, and then alphabetically

  • If a collector is signed in but does not qualify for a private sale, they will see the public sale option, if available

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