Creator Rewards

Creator rewards on Highlight enable artists and creators to earn a portion of the mint fee paid by their collectors.

This split is only available for collections listed as free. Please note that creator rewards do not apply to auctions.

The breakdown of the split is outlined below:


Mint fee

Creator earnings


0.0008 ETH

0.0004 ETH

Ethereum Layer 2

0.0008 ETH

0.0004 ETH


0.0008 ETH in $degen

0.0004 ETH in $degen

Frequently asked questions

Q: What collection types do creator rewards support?

A: Creator rewards support all collection types, with or without gates. Auctions are not supported.

Q: How do I withdraw funds?

A: Funds from our creator rewards program are automatically deposited into the wallet used to deploy the collection.

Q: How do I become eligible for creator rewards on Highlight?

A: All collections priced at zero or free are eligible.

Q: Where can I check my payout earnings?

A: You can check earnings under the β€œCreator payouts” tab on your profile page

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