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Example use cases

Gate a custom page

Gates can apply to mints and pages. We'll walk through an example below of how to apply a gate to a page.
Using Highlight's content editor, third-party embeds can be token gated. The examples go over merch and polls but can be applied to several other types of content, including but not limited to Dropbox links, Miro boards, forums, etc.

Use cases • Token gated giveaway

1. Populate editor
On the pages tab, select "Create a page" in the top right-hand corner. Populate the editor box with the content you want to be public or token-gated. If you want inspiration or examples, check out some use cases here.
2. Add gate
Below "Page name" is the option to add a gate. Leaving the page without a gate means it will be accessible to the general public.
Use a previously created gate or a newly designed gate to lock access to the page.
Highlight allows for flexible gating. Any NFT minted on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain can be used as a gating condition.
Creators can gate by the following:
  • Collector holds a specific token
  • Collector holds a token with a specific attribute
  • Collector holds a token from a collection
  • Collector holds a specified amount of ETH, MATIC, or ERC20
  • Collector is on an allowlist
3. Customize theme
Change up the color and fonts on the page.
4. Embed raffle for giveaway
In this case, we'll use Google Forms as an example. On your form, grab the embed code. You'll want to select the brackets for the HTML embed. Copy the text under "Embed HTML".
5. Embed on Highlight page
Select the embed option on the Highlight page editor and paste the code.
6. Publish and share
Once done with editing, select "Publish Page" at the bottom. You can now copy and share the page link with fans, followers, and friends.

Use cases • Token gated merch

To token gate a shop or specific merchandise, whether Shopify, BigCommerce, or another vendor, you can use the HTML embed feature. We'll use Shopify in the below example.
1. Set up merch store
To curate an exclusive merchandise collection for token holders, add the Buy Button sales channel on Spotify to the storefront.
To learn more about how to integrate the Buy Button sales channel to your store, check out additional documentation on how to do so here.
  1. 2.
    Copy embed code from third party
Create a Buy Button for a specific product or collection.
Copy the generated HTML code.
3. Paste into page editor
On the Highlight page editor, select the embed option and paste the code.
4. Share your page
Continue to curate and token gate your page to share with fans and friends.

Use cases • Token gated poll

Many tools can be used to create these polls, including but not limited to: Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, and Typeform.
For this example, we'll use Google Forms.
1. Create your poll
On Google forms, create a poll to use behind the token gated wall. Once completed, select "Send" in the upper right-hand corner.
2. Copy HTML code
Select the brackets for the HTML embed. Copy the text under "Embed HTML".
3. Paste into page editor
Select the embed option on the Highlight page editor and paste the code.
4. Share your poll
That's it! Token gate your poll to share out with people. Poll results will be available on the Google Forms dashboard.
Using Google Forms or another third party to embed a widget to intake information is also applicable to other use cases. For instance, instead of a poll, it could be for a raffle giveaway or a survey.