Allowlists are a versatile way to control mint access. Highlight allows for ultimate flexibility using gates.

What is a gate?

Gating refers to token gating, allowing collectors with a specific token in their wallet to access specific content.

On Highlight, you can pair gates with mints. Gates can be thought of as parameters for a specific group of collectors.

By pairing gates with mints, you can specify the group of holders with access to a token-gated NFT drop. Gates can be reused for future drops and gated pages.

How do I create an allowlist?

Create allowlists on Highlight via gates. To do so, select the condition "Is on an allowlist of wallet addresses".

Paste wallet addresses in a comma-separated format into the text box.

Allowlist alternatives

Highlight's gates functionality allows creators to gate NFT drops with conditions aside from wallet address.

Other options for gating include:

  • Holding any token from a collection

  • Holding a specific token from a collection

  • Holding a token with a specific attribute

  • Holding a minimum amount of ETH, MATIC, or ERC-20

Creating an allowlist for your NFT drop

If your NFT contract is deployed:

  1. Head to the tokens tab on the dashboard

  2. Select the NFT to create an allowlist for

  3. Under "Gate," select the gate to apply to the drop

  4. Save your changes. Now only those who fit the gate requirements will be able to mint

For more information on creating a gate, check out this article here.

If you have not deployed your NFT contract:

1. Create an NFT on the Tokens tab. Check out this article here for more about NFT creation on Highlight.

2. Create a gate or select an existing gate for your NFT mint as you create your token.

3. Only holders of the specified token gate can access the mint.

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