Buying on marketplace

Note: Marketplace is currently only available for Generative and Series collections. Collections deployed on Arbitrum do not have the marketplace feature.

You can purchase tokens from Highlight’s secondary market through an artist’s project page. Collectors have three ways to buy tokens:

  • Purchase a specific token listing: Tokens listed for sale by owners have a visible price on the marketplace and are available for immediate purchase.

  • Make an offer on a specific token: If your desired token is not for sale, you can place an offer for it. The owner may or may not choose to accept.

  • Make a collection offer: You can offer a fixed amount for any token in a collection. Any collection owner can accept at the price offered.

The following section will guide you through each of these options.

Buying a specific token or placing an offer

  1. To find the desired collection’s marketplace page, scroll down on the project page and select “View all on marketplace” on the right-hand side.

  2. On the marketplace page, tokens listed for sale will have a visible price. You can either purchase a token outright or make an offer for tokens that are not listed for sale.

  3. To make an offer on a token, select “Make offer.” Enter the offer amount and duration. Note: offers are made in wrapped ether, or "WETH". If your offer is not fulfilled, you will have to unwrap your WETH back to ETH.

    To buy a token, click on the token price, and a confirmation modal will appear.

  4. Confirm and sign the transaction in your wallet.

All active offers linked to your wallet can be seen in the “Offers made” tab on your profile. Canceling an offer does not incur any gas fees.

Making a collection offer

  1. To make a collection offer, visit the collection’s marketplace by scrolling down the mint page and clicking “View all on marketplace.”

  2. Create a collection offer by selecting “Make collection offer” in the upper right-hand corner. A collection offer is a set amount you are willing to pay for any token within the collection, allowing any collection owner to sell their token to you at the named price.

  3. Enter your offer amount and duration.

  4. Select “Make offer” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

View all active offers linked to your wallet in the “Offers made” tab on your profile. Canceling an offer does not incur any gas fees.

Manage your offers

Manage offers on tokens and collections by visiting your profile. To go to your profile, click your name or wallet address in the upper right corner and choose “Your profile.”

On the “Sent offers” tab, you can see your offers for tokens and/or collections associated with the signed-in wallet. Offers can be canceled directly from this page.

Email notifications

Opt-in to receive email notifications for your Highlight marketplace offers and listings. Just go to "Edit your profile" and enter your email address.

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