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The Perfect Simulation is Breathing by GMUNK

​GMUNK is a visionary whose creativity and innovation span a unique range of mediums, and has established himself as one of the world's most diversely talented digital artists. His work often centers around themes of identity, the subconscious, and our human connection to technology.
In May of 2023, GMUNK showed off a new piece deployed on "GMUNK.research" using Highlight's web3 creator toolkit. Check out the full piece here.
The Perfect Simulation is Breathing
In the case of "The Perfect Simulation is Breathing," GMUNK used a gated page on Highlight to allow his collectors to mint the piece. This means that only those who were part of GMUNK's existing collector base could access the new work.
By gating the mint in this way, GMUNK could reward his collector base and ensure that those who had supported him in the past were given priority access to the new work.
Highlight provides an easy-to-use interface that allows creators to deploy a new contract and gate the mint for their collectors in a matter of minutes.