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Love You Mad Libs by VÉRITÉ

Over the 2022 holiday season, artist and producer VÉRITÉ wanted to create a game to play with her fans. With the help of Highlight's web3 toolkit, she made "Love You Mad Libs".

What is Love You Mad Libs

Though the game has ended, you can still check out the puzzle here.
The solution to the game of Mad Libs was the lyrics to her upcoming single, Temporary. Using Highlight, VÉRITÉ created token-gated hints pages where anyone holding a previously dropped token or collection could access the hints. She also minted 100 new tokens using Highlight so newcomers without tokens could grab one to view hints.

Token gated hints

The hints page is now open to the public and can be accessed here.
The final prize for the first person to solve the puzzle was a year of free shows for her upcoming 2023 tour.

Fan engagement

VÉRITÉ's use of Highlight's toolkit to power a puzzle was a creative and engaging way to interact with both web3-native and non-web3 fans. It showed that NFTs could be used in new and innovative ways, not just to purchase and collect but to create unique experiences for fans.
For a deeper dive into how to create a similar project, you can find a DIY video featuring VÉRITÉ here.