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Castaways by 0xen

In early 2023, 0xen dropped his iconic Castaways art project and was the first creator to use Highlight's Series collection contracts.

What is Castaways

Castaways is an independent art project by Oxen, a Farcaster community member and artist. The collection comprises of 1000 unique Farcaster logo NFTs, starting as an exploration of the memetic possibilities of the Farcaster 'arch' logo and later evolving into a large collection with numerous reinterpretations.
Each token is unique—whether hand-drawn, AI-generated, or remixed from 0xen's other works.

Tiered distribution

Castaways distribution consisted of three tiers of minting available at different prices. Using Highlight's gating functionality, the process was quick and simple to manage.
The eligibility criteria for minting is detailed below:
  • Tier 1 (.01 ETH - limit 2): Is for early collectors of Oxen NFTs and ‘Salon Oxen’ Telegram members.
  • Tier 2 (.02 ETH - limit 10): Is for collectors of ‘Casts’ and ‘Gone Too Farcaster’ and anyone who responded to this cast.
  • Tier 3 (.03 ETH): Everybody else.

How do I mint

Pieces are still available for mint here. Browse through different token artwork that's already been minted here.