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Who we are

Who we are

Highlight builds high-quality tools that help creative professionals thrive in web3, and to make on-chain creativity easier than ever before.
We provide low- and no-code tools for web3 creators, beginners to pros. Our tools are:
  • Designed to help you assemble and power your NFT projects
  • Built for creator self-sovereignty and decentralized permanence
  • Inspired by our passion for the intersection of art and technology

Why we exist

Our mission is to help increase creativity on the internet by lowering barriers between creators and their on-chain ideas.
We’re motivated by our belief that Web3 is a continuation of the history of creative expression and code.
Since the dawn of the information age, humans have been creating art with computers. Now, using decentralized blockchains, we have tools to help value and exchange digital artwork. And beyond this, blockchains have opened up new avenues for expression and creativity.
The intersection of art, technology, and culture is an essential driver of innovation and change. Technology influences art. It shapes how we create, distribute, define, and experience works of art.
This is the intersection at which Highlight exists.

Up next: generative & on-chain

Our 2023 roadmap is focused on unlocking generative and on-chain expressive brilliance. No art form has captured a transitional time period (this very moment in time) better than generative art.
Generative takes advantage of all that computing has to offer to produce elegant and compelling artworks and extend the principles and goals artists have pursued from the inception of modern art to the blockchain.

Our team

Behind Highlight is a nimble, focused, distributed team based across North American time zones. Everyone brings multiple years of experience. We ship code daily; invest in scalable, maintainable systems; and value excellent design. For a sense of our output, see our changelog.
If you’re inspired by empowering artists, creators, community builders, brands, and developers with professional-grade tools that push the boundaries of on-chain creativity, see if we’re hiring for a role that matches your experience.