Knowledge Base

Product overview

Drop: create a collection

  • Deploy creator-owned ERC-721s on Ethereum or Polygon mainnet, or on testnets
  • Gas optimization of all 
contracts to keeps gas fees low
  • Option to limit mints per wallet, protect your secondary royalties, split revenue, & more
  • Learn more about how to create a collection here.

Gate: token gate anything

  • ​Token gate with any Ethereum or Polygon NFT collection
  • Identify specific collectors with gating by single tokens, attributes/traits, OpenSea collections, or wallet balances
  • Use allow-lists to gate by wallet address
  • Require email addresses to close the loop with your collectors

Embed: bring to your own website

  • Add mints, auctions, and token-gated modules to your custom site with powerful code embeds
  • Support for all major website builders and custom projects
  • Additional details on embed functionality in this section here​

Analyze: explore your world of collectors

  • Insight into your token holders for all your collections in one place
  • Used for collections minted on Highlighted or imported
  • Connect with collectors via email